Friday, March 8, 2013


Oh my goodness! I have neglected my poor blog! Like I said in my update post, getting 100% in English takes MASSIVE EFFORT.  So, this hauling goes back a few weeks!! 

Demi and Ellie from swaps :)

Zoya Reva, Kimmy, Twila and Phoebe from an awesome professor!

Jindie Live Out Loud

Color Club Eternal Beauty and Miss Bliss

Kelara Heart-y Soup (and free chocolate!)

Lacquerhead Confetti Cake

Bottle shot of Confetti Cake

Jindie prize- Princess Breath

Catherine and Lily from swaps!

Kelara Earth, a-England Perceval, and Kelara Uranus (early birthday group present)

Nerd Laquer Resolutionary

80 cents each! Coconut Cove, Island Breeze, Ocean Sunset, Pink Diamond, and I Love Cookie Dough

Secret Wonderland Fine Fragrance Mist (free), Beautiful Day EDT preview (free), Cupcake Scentportable, Island Margarita Scentportable refill, Pocketbac holder, and a Popsicle nail file 

All of this in 2 transactions for less than 15 dollars!!

Darling Diva Home of the Brave and Dorthy

Enchanted Polish minis: Disco Barbie, Awesomeness and Marge's Blue Beehive

OPI- The Impossible

I guess I should paint my nails now! Bye!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Apology Post!

Sorry I've been gone so long! I have hauled a lot of polish, but school is kicking my butt!

Seriously, getting a 100% in a class in college takes a lot of effort! But I love English!

I expect to have another post up tomorrow of nail hauling and Bath and Body Works hauling!

I won another giveaway too!! This one had my jaw ON THE FLOOR (actually it might have broken the floor and ended up in my basement. At least I live in a 1 story house? LOL) Okay, I'll spill.

I WON THREE ENCHANTED MINIS. ASDFGHJKL. I've never tried Enchanted, so I am VERY excited to try them!!

So, again, apologies!