Monday, January 28, 2013

A Couple Manis!

First of all, welcome to all of my new followers! I have over 100 new followers so I'm really excited you followed my blog to win some polish! Ha, Ha!

I don't usually do manicure posts, but these polishes were wonderful!

I bought both of these expecting great things and that is what I got.

First we have I Love Lamp from Kelara Lacquers! It is from their Double Rainbow Collection.

This mani actually stayed on from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon with only 1 chip (causing me to remove it) The color is basically a subtle light purple holo. I LOVE IT. No top coat due to its holographic nature.

The next color is mainstream, Butter London Knees Up to be exact.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It was on my wishlist for a very long time. This color is a very shimmery red. Note that I did use 2 coats of HK Girl Top Coat.

So, I'll change my manicure tomorrow, and possibly update then!

Until then, Me gusta pulido de uñas. (I like nail polish, I learned nail polish in Spanish class today!)

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I made a cryptic post awhile back, and this is what was coming. A GIVEAWAY!

My prizes are in prize packs 5,6,7 (one prize in each).

Here are the details!

Prize #1

Nail Nation3000 Kizmit, Kelara Lacquers' entire Festivus 4 the Restofus collection minis (set of 5), Island Girl Island Paradise, Milani Nail Art Purple Outline, Fimo slices, and a Julep glass file

Prize #2

3D Nail Stickers, Revlon Heavenly, Pure Cuticle Oil sampler pack (set of 4), Butter London The Black Knight, NailNation3000 Infinity, NailNation3000 Heart of Gold

Prize #3

 Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! base coat, Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat, Julep Chelsea, NailNation3000 Bohemian Rhapsody, Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub (1 fl oz), Sally Hansen nail file, stamping plate

Prize #4

Set of 8 mini bottle of microbeads, OPI DS Magic, NailNation3000 Limelight, Island Girl Old Hawaii, Daily Lacquer Moulin Rouge, Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe, Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener (1 fl oz)

Prize #5

Microbeads, Sally Hansen Gem Crush mini set (set of 4), Julep Cindy, NailNation3000 Eye of Newt, NailNation3000 Cupids Arrow, Delusional Polish Snow Caps

Prize #6

Pure Cuticle Oil Sampler Pack (set of 4), Julep glitter pot, Orly Steel Your Heart, Color Club Editorial, NailNation3000 Fire Flies, NailNation3000 Kryptonite, Sea Lore Andrina, Sally Hansen nail file

Prize #7

 Microbeads, Daily Lacquer Come What May, NailNation3000 No H8, Deja Vu Dead Sea Minerals Cuticle Oil, Julep Barbara, Color Club Personal Stylist, OPI Ridge Filler

Prize #8

Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener (3 fl oz), NailNation3000 Alison, NailNation3000 Sun Goddess, Elevation Polish Xixabangma, stamping plate, Layla Hologram Effect Mercury Twilight + buffer

Prize #9

NailNation3000 Valley Of Neptune, NailNation3000 Baby Doll, Island Girl (no name), Julep Georgia, TipTop Blue Me To Pieces, stamping plate, Julep The Best Pedi Creme Ever

Prize #10

Daily Lacquer I'll Fly Away, Sally Hansen Gem Crush mini set (set of 4), Revlon Girly, NailNation3000 Max-a-Million, NailNation3000 Lunar Eclipse, stamping plate

We want to take this time to give a very special THANK you to Maria of NailNation3000, Maggy of Daily Lacquer, Tara of Kelara Lacquers, Jill of Glisten & Glow, and Ana of Pure Cuticle Oil for their very generous donations. We love you!

The Rules:
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                 *10 winners will be chosen at random. The first name pulled will get Prize #1, the second name will get Prize #2, and so on.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ANOTHER Collective Haul

I buy too much crap. I'm going back to swapping :)For now, I got some stuff from Bath and Body Works,free stuff from 2 friends, and ZOYA! First from Bath and Body Works:
My whole haul!
Penguin Scentportable
Honey Sweetheart Preview Lotion
Berry Sangria and Aloha Orchid Pocketbacs
Fresh Picked First Bloom and Mango Paradise Pocketbacs
Party! Pocketbac
Signature Item coupon (with Julep Mystery Blue photo bomb)
My receipt- everything was a dollar!

Next, I got some stuff for free from friends
Erica gave me my first Fimo canes!
One of my IRL friends gave me this NOPI

Step to the Beat of My <3

Next, from Zoya:

Obviously, I got 3 for 10 dollars!

Sooki (ignore Julep Molly on my nails!)

Kissy! (ignore my foot!)


I have SEVERAL swaps coming! So stay tuned to see what I get!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Almost Lost Most Of My Polish!!

So one of my nails was uneven. I recently put most of my polish and accessories in baskets on a shelf above my bed when we rearranged my bedroom. I stood on my bed to get a file off the shelf, rested my elbow on the shelf for a split second and CRASH! The sound woke my mom out of a dead sleep. I heard, "What was that?" I yelled back, "My shelf just fell off the wall!" And believe me, I was shaking. It's a wooden shelf that my great grandpa made. It had screws with drywall plugs, and holes in my wall look like it was ripped out! I had to look in my trash can and in empty boxes from packages I got today (sorry, not nail related!) for fallen polishes. Thank goodness none were broken, and I only have a small scratch diagonally on my left wrist (NOT the photo side! Thank goodness, because I would have been even more scared if it was on top of my visible veins!) Now for the visual aids!

Shelf, standing up
Left side holes
Right side holes
Scratch right between the moles!
Drywall dust on my headboard (iPhone used flash, sorry!)

So next time I ask for something to blog about, I'm going to be careful what I wish for!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Collective Haul

I spent more of my gift cards (Etsy, Bath and Body Works, and ULTA) and got a good haul!

Starting with Etsy, I got 2 polishes from 2 different shops. I only have $1.35 left on the gift card now :(

First from Daily Lacquer, I got 1 polish and a sample.
The polish I bought (right) is Tink Pink and my sample looks to be Chibiusa.
Oh, and I tied a new ribbon around it since STUPID ME was wanting to fix the frayed ribbon and I unraveled it!

Next, I got a polish from Kelara Laquers
This is I Love Lamp from their new Double Rainbow collection.
This is what the holo looks like in the bottle.

Next, I ordered from Bath and Body Works online.

All of these items replaced older items in my collection, the shower gels and mists had also changed formulas

I replaced the rest of my Vanilla Bean Noel.

I also replaced my Twisted Peppermint mist and my Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel. 

Next, I got some things from ULTA.
I got these 2 files and a buffing block. All 3 are NOT what was pictured online. I am SO glad these were cheap. These things are so ugly...
The highlight of my order was 2 Butter Londons. They are Lovely Jubbly and Chancer.
The last thing I ordered was a CHOCOLATE MASQUE. I've honestly wanted this forever.

I also got my free samples from the Variety option, which according to ULTA logic, just means shampoo and conditioner!

Shampoo/Conditioner duo and 2 conditioners.

I have a ZOYA order on the way from the promo too :) After that, I am on a NO BUY unless I get Julep boxes or use a gift card.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Collective Haul!!

Today I have a haul from a traveling polish box, around the house (I'll explain later), MakeItStickDesigns (etsy), Bath and Body Works, a gift, and a purchase from a friend.

First, the Traveling Box. The particular group that I am in has 3 boxes, 2 in the US (east and west) and 1 in Canada. I took out 3 polishes, and put in 3 polishes.
I got Essie Pink Diamond, Layla Mermaid Spell, and Julep Lynn.

Next, around the house. My sister was cleaning out, so I took some stuff.
 I got half a Pomegranate Citrus spray, my old Fresh Pineapple shampoo, a mini PINK spray, a mini Spider Cider lotion and a Chocolate Chew pocketbac.

Next, MakeItStickDesigns.
I got a Scratch and Dent grab bag of nail decals. I got mustaches, butterflies, and chevron. One set of chevron was black, and the other 2 were blue and sparkly.
Next, another SAS haul!
My holiday traditions are getting up there in age, so I got Vanilla Bean Noel and Pink Sugarplum fine fragrance mist.
Next, I won a friend's contest.
My prize was a gift card to JCP. Kind of afraid for their future as a business! All of the "extinct businesses of 2013" articles claim that JCP won't survive. Considering Current TV was on those lists, they might be spot on this year!

Finally, I got one of my biggest wants!!

BUTTER LONDON KNEES UP!! It's a shiny, wonderful red.

Considering it's after 3 AM, I'm going to sleep now. Leave me comments!! PLEASE?????????

Friday, January 4, 2013

January Julep Box!

This month Julep had a theme of nudes and neons! I stuck with my typical profile, Classic With a Twist. I also got one add on.

So let's get started!

The card this month talked about the polishes and the removal of the square cap! I figured this out a week before I got the box. LOL
The Stars! Grace (nude) and Madison (neon)
New series numbers on the labels
New Swatch Me stickers. One extra in the box was 20 Swatch Me Stickers. I, sadly, need more.
The product this month was a hand and cuticle stick. I had zero interest since I have lotion and oil that will work. I swapped this, and you'll see what I got for this in a future blog post.
We also got a bonus of neon colored hair ties. My sister gladly snatched the ties in my least favorite colors (green and orange) and I kept my favorite color (pink!!) It holds my hair okay, it feels loose.
My add on was 10 packets of 10 polish remover pads. 

Hopefully, February is full of pink and red <3 <3 What do you think? Comment below!