Thursday, February 20, 2014

Recent Nail Mail: Spellbound Nails, Julep, Zoya

Hi everyone! Here is another roundup of some recent nail mail!

First we have Spellbound Nails:

Spellbound Nails- Cheeks Tinted Red. I used it as my Valentine's Day manicure and it was EXCELLENT!

Second we have Julep!

Julep Love, Greta and Cameron.

I used Cameron and tried to take an extreme close up of it on one of my nails:

Next, we have ZOYA!!! 

Zoya Lux (drying right now), Monet and Dot!
So I am expecting 1 more polish, then I am cooling my wheels for a bit! SO. MANY. UNTRIEDS.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Freebies in the Mail #8 and Freebie Haul!

I have snagged some decent freebies lately (including some today)! I'll also share another Bzz Campaign!

First we have:
More pads from PinchMe! 

Next we have:

2 packets of Truvia and a coupon.

After that we have:

Cetaphil Lotion and Cleanser. I got these for my great grandma, because this stuff is expensive for not being full of fragrance!

After that we have:

Three of these half useless coupons. I'm expecting 2 more and I can't even use them on Snickers I will actually eat. SO...

Now for the Bzz Agent campaign!

Kroger Time Saver campaign! It came with high value coupons for my use, a reusable shopping bag, and pass along coupons.

Now for the little tax paying haul!

Grapefruit cup and kiwi water (which was taxed, but at least it's only 6 cents here).

So those are my freebies from the past couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RAOK Roundup!

I was very lucky to get 2 RAOKs in the mail! In case you don't know, RAOK stands for Random Act Of Kindness.

The first package contained 3 polishes:

LynBDesigns "Wait, Wait, Wait... Is This a Kissing Book?",  Bootie Babe "Butt or Brickle", and Klassicolor "Sparkle Emerald".
The second package had a really pretty polish!

Polish Yer Hooves It's My Present
I will be sending out at least one package of my own as well! The kindness bug is biting :)

Thanks for reading!!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

ULTA Haul!

So, on Friday, I actually got to Ulta. Thank goodness I ordered my Carrie Underwood polishes online, as my Ulta did not have them in stock. I got 4 things.

The first 3 things were a little dry shampoo (free), conditioner, and 24 eyeshadow applicators.

 Then, saving the best for last,

Gwen Stefani's signature shade!

Inside, it has all this nail art stuff I probably won't use.

A "look book", the studs and such, and nail glue.

So that was my Ulta haul! Thanks for reading!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recent Nail Mail- Zoya, Llarowe, and ULTA

I have a LOT of gift cards burning holes in my pockets and Zoya had their "free" polish promo.

I'll start with Zoya.

Left to Right: Blaze, Elisa and Purity

2 coats each of Blaze, Elisa and Purity

Next, I'll show what I got from Llarowe, along with a brief review.

Glitter A Peel and Glitter Food from Nail Pattern Boldness

This is a manicure with Essie Licorice and Glam Polish Candyland where I used both products. Glitter Food took away my usual problem with star glitter! Normally, at least one point sticks up.

All 10 nails came off in one piece with Glitter A Peel!

Finally, I ordered some polishes from ULTA.

Nicole by OPI: Carnival Cotton Candy, Carrie'd Away, and Lips Are Dripping Honey

3 coats each of Carnival Cotton Candy,  Carrie'd Away and Lips are Dripping Honey

And of course, I got samples!

Perfume Samples

Thanks for reading!


Freebies in the Mail #7 and a Freebies Haul!

Hi everyone! I got some freebies in the mail over the past couple of weeks (and hauled some others) and here they are!

Finish tablets and coupon

Bzz Agent kit with coupons for free Glade wax cubes and a free Glade plug in.

Bvlgari perfume sample

Freebie Haul! I got the Glade plugin and wax cubes, a pack of Kroger razors, an Aquifina sparkling water, and a Skintimate shaving cream.

Aside from the Hormel wrap in my fridge, that is all of my freebies!

Thanks for reading,