Sunday, December 22, 2013

Freebies... Over the Past, I Don't Know, Month and a Half? OOPS!

So I actually have not gotten that many freebies, unless you count giveaway prizes (which in my world, will be a different post).

Cereal, which I don't eat. But my sister loves Greek yogurt, so I snagged the sample. She thought it tasted, "Okay". 

The Mocha Latte sample... I don't like coffee, my sister does. She got a look on her face and poured this down the sink. It was hilarious.

Face wash. Haven't tried it yet.

Tea. I figured my sister would drink it, she likes it, I hate it. Haven't tried these samples yet.

"K Cup" style cups of coffee. Grabbed the samples just to see what we would get. These all went to my great grandparents who have a Keurig as well.

Lipton Tea K Cups. Figured we could try them. My sister had already gotten a box of the sweet tea, so we kept that, but my grandparents got the black tea.

Caramel Macchiato K Cup sample. My sister did not enjoy this either. I was amused again.

Rimmel mascara. Thank goodness, because I needed new mascara. I actually liked this sample.

To wrap it up, we have 2 Starbucks K Cup samples. One is Vanilla and the other is Caramel. My sister has yet to try these.

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Sample Review #3

I'm back with more sample reviews :)

First, I have the LOVELY (hahaha) Maybelline FitMe Shine Free Foundation. As I stated in my initial post, 3 different shades are included. I peeled back my sample, and this was it...

When I showed someone else, they agreed with me. This is NOT enough to try on my face. I liked how it applied, but it would not be the same if I bought the product. The product is a stick.

The second product I will briefly review is Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins.
I was afraid because they are grape flavored. It was not completely intolerable tasting, but it was a strong taste. They were easy to chew as well.

So those 2 will be it for this post! Thanks for reading!