Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sample Review #3

I'm back with more sample reviews :)

First, I have the LOVELY (hahaha) Maybelline FitMe Shine Free Foundation. As I stated in my initial post, 3 different shades are included. I peeled back my sample, and this was it...

When I showed someone else, they agreed with me. This is NOT enough to try on my face. I liked how it applied, but it would not be the same if I bought the product. The product is a stick.

The second product I will briefly review is Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins.
I was afraid because they are grape flavored. It was not completely intolerable tasting, but it was a strong taste. They were easy to chew as well.

So those 2 will be it for this post! Thanks for reading!

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