Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Freebies in the Mail #8 and Freebie Haul!

I have snagged some decent freebies lately (including some today)! I'll also share another Bzz Campaign!

First we have:
More pads from PinchMe! 

Next we have:

2 packets of Truvia and a coupon.

After that we have:

Cetaphil Lotion and Cleanser. I got these for my great grandma, because this stuff is expensive for not being full of fragrance!

After that we have:

Three of these half useless coupons. I'm expecting 2 more and I can't even use them on Snickers I will actually eat. SO...

Now for the Bzz Agent campaign!

Kroger Time Saver campaign! It came with high value coupons for my use, a reusable shopping bag, and pass along coupons.

Now for the little tax paying haul!

Grapefruit cup and kiwi water (which was taxed, but at least it's only 6 cents here).

So those are my freebies from the past couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading!


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