Friday, January 4, 2013

January Julep Box!

This month Julep had a theme of nudes and neons! I stuck with my typical profile, Classic With a Twist. I also got one add on.

So let's get started!

The card this month talked about the polishes and the removal of the square cap! I figured this out a week before I got the box. LOL
The Stars! Grace (nude) and Madison (neon)
New series numbers on the labels
New Swatch Me stickers. One extra in the box was 20 Swatch Me Stickers. I, sadly, need more.
The product this month was a hand and cuticle stick. I had zero interest since I have lotion and oil that will work. I swapped this, and you'll see what I got for this in a future blog post.
We also got a bonus of neon colored hair ties. My sister gladly snatched the ties in my least favorite colors (green and orange) and I kept my favorite color (pink!!) It holds my hair okay, it feels loose.
My add on was 10 packets of 10 polish remover pads. 

Hopefully, February is full of pink and red <3 <3 What do you think? Comment below! 

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