Saturday, January 5, 2013

Collective Haul!!

Today I have a haul from a traveling polish box, around the house (I'll explain later), MakeItStickDesigns (etsy), Bath and Body Works, a gift, and a purchase from a friend.

First, the Traveling Box. The particular group that I am in has 3 boxes, 2 in the US (east and west) and 1 in Canada. I took out 3 polishes, and put in 3 polishes.
I got Essie Pink Diamond, Layla Mermaid Spell, and Julep Lynn.

Next, around the house. My sister was cleaning out, so I took some stuff.
 I got half a Pomegranate Citrus spray, my old Fresh Pineapple shampoo, a mini PINK spray, a mini Spider Cider lotion and a Chocolate Chew pocketbac.

Next, MakeItStickDesigns.
I got a Scratch and Dent grab bag of nail decals. I got mustaches, butterflies, and chevron. One set of chevron was black, and the other 2 were blue and sparkly.
Next, another SAS haul!
My holiday traditions are getting up there in age, so I got Vanilla Bean Noel and Pink Sugarplum fine fragrance mist.
Next, I won a friend's contest.
My prize was a gift card to JCP. Kind of afraid for their future as a business! All of the "extinct businesses of 2013" articles claim that JCP won't survive. Considering Current TV was on those lists, they might be spot on this year!

Finally, I got one of my biggest wants!!

BUTTER LONDON KNEES UP!! It's a shiny, wonderful red.

Considering it's after 3 AM, I'm going to sleep now. Leave me comments!! PLEASE?????????

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