Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Collective Haul

I spent more of my gift cards (Etsy, Bath and Body Works, and ULTA) and got a good haul!

Starting with Etsy, I got 2 polishes from 2 different shops. I only have $1.35 left on the gift card now :(

First from Daily Lacquer, I got 1 polish and a sample.
The polish I bought (right) is Tink Pink and my sample looks to be Chibiusa.
Oh, and I tied a new ribbon around it since STUPID ME was wanting to fix the frayed ribbon and I unraveled it!

Next, I got a polish from Kelara Laquers
This is I Love Lamp from their new Double Rainbow collection.
This is what the holo looks like in the bottle.

Next, I ordered from Bath and Body Works online.

All of these items replaced older items in my collection, the shower gels and mists had also changed formulas

I replaced the rest of my Vanilla Bean Noel.

I also replaced my Twisted Peppermint mist and my Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel. 

Next, I got some things from ULTA.
I got these 2 files and a buffing block. All 3 are NOT what was pictured online. I am SO glad these were cheap. These things are so ugly...
The highlight of my order was 2 Butter Londons. They are Lovely Jubbly and Chancer.
The last thing I ordered was a CHOCOLATE MASQUE. I've honestly wanted this forever.

I also got my free samples from the Variety option, which according to ULTA logic, just means shampoo and conditioner!

Shampoo/Conditioner duo and 2 conditioners.

I have a ZOYA order on the way from the promo too :) After that, I am on a NO BUY unless I get Julep boxes or use a gift card.


  1. B&B Vanilla Bean is my absolute fave!!!!! & Love the Daily Lacquers & BLs!

  2. I like Twisted Peppermint more LOL. I've only used one of the Daily Lacquers (loved it!!), haven't gotten to the BLs