Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Almost Lost Most Of My Polish!!

So one of my nails was uneven. I recently put most of my polish and accessories in baskets on a shelf above my bed when we rearranged my bedroom. I stood on my bed to get a file off the shelf, rested my elbow on the shelf for a split second and CRASH! The sound woke my mom out of a dead sleep. I heard, "What was that?" I yelled back, "My shelf just fell off the wall!" And believe me, I was shaking. It's a wooden shelf that my great grandpa made. It had screws with drywall plugs, and holes in my wall look like it was ripped out! I had to look in my trash can and in empty boxes from packages I got today (sorry, not nail related!) for fallen polishes. Thank goodness none were broken, and I only have a small scratch diagonally on my left wrist (NOT the photo side! Thank goodness, because I would have been even more scared if it was on top of my visible veins!) Now for the visual aids!

Shelf, standing up
Left side holes
Right side holes
Scratch right between the moles!
Drywall dust on my headboard (iPhone used flash, sorry!)

So next time I ask for something to blog about, I'm going to be careful what I wish for!!

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