Friday, January 4, 2013

YAY! Finally a Christmas Haul!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My first posts of the New Year will be hauls! This one is obviously my Christmas haul, which is kind of late. NOTE: Only relevant items shown.  First,my Julep items!
Left to right: Carly, Harper, Vivien, Scarlett and Barbara.
I also got the pink iPhone case.
My last Julep item was a New Year's Mystery Box. It contained polish remover pad and hand cream samples, Boho Glam mascara, mystery glitter, Stella, Georgia, Cindy, Sienna, foot soak and nail file. Most of this will be swapped, but I am satisfied since I got remover pads, a new glitter and foot soak. The value of these items alone exceed what was paid for the box.

Now Color Club and stamping items.
I got 2 color clubs with no names (a runny, separated silver glitter and a rainbow glitter)
I also got 2 stamping plates that I found at Walmart.

Now for indies!
From Kelara, I got Festivus, Daydream, Fairy Farts and Hooray for Boobies! I had on a glitter skittle mani when I took the pictures, and the first 3 polishes are on the fingers shown. 
(NOTE: My hair gets EVERYWHERE! Sorry!!)
From Lush Lacquer I got Snow Globe, Sugar Daddy, Mr. Bubble and Peace Luv Polish

Thumb: Sugar Daddy (with white base coat), Middle Finger: Snow Globe, Ring Finger: Peace Luv Polish, Pinkie: Mr.Bubble
Random Polishes:
Glitzology: All or Nothing, Nailtini: Millionarie, Deborah Lippmann: Candy Shop, China Glaze: It's a Trap-eze, Nails Inc: a sprinkles polish

Now for nail care items!
File, remover, pedi soak, orange sticks
Foot Bath thing.

Now my tarts!
These are from Rosegirls, my favorite tart company on the face of the Earth. A lot of it is custom order. I got some of their blends. Strawberry Banana Bubblegum is the bag, LOVE IT. I also got 4 custom muffins (right below the bag) in the first muffin, a blend of hot cocoa, vanilla bean noel and peppermint. I also got muffins in Purple Cow (grape Popsicle) and Fireside Marshmallow Type. I also got samples in Hazelnut Macadamia Cappuccino (not a fan on cold sniff, coffee makes me gag LOL), and Raspberry Sauce/Sweet Lemon Confection. Check out Rosegirls on Facebook to stay updated!

On to more beauty!
3 cosmetic bags: 2 were free from ULTA and one was an IPSY bag
Random samples, dupes given away.
More samples- kept both of the benefit ones!
Hair brush, facial cleanser, Wonderstruck Enchanted (travel), Pink Sugar Rollerball, face mask, dry shampoo
Gift cards to Bath and Body Works (more than 1), Kohl's (1), Etsy (1) and Aeropostale (1) Not pictured: Amazon gift cards that could be used for beauty items.

Finally, I have my Bath and Body Works items!
I was underwhelmed or fainting over the price of (COUGHFOREVEREDCOUGH) most of the bodycare, so I got accessories! Not pictured are my penguin slipper socks (being washed). I also got a Scentportable, a weird nail file thing that is reflective on the other side, and another pocketbac holder.