Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas Haul!!

I will post a Christmas Haul soon but for now I have a December 27th shopping haul! On the 26th,I was at my grandma's house where they got 4 inches of snow at least. So the shopping had to wait! First up, the collective picture. We went to Target, Bath and Body Works, and Sally's.
Now for the individual stuff. At Target, I got a lemming!!
ESSIE LICORICE!!!!! I have needed a black polish to use as a base! Especially with BL The Black Knight!! At Bath and Body Works, I picked up 3 items.
This Twisted Peppermint ScentPortable refill was only 2 dollars! Why not right?
This Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist was only 5 dollars since the packaging of WVS was redesigned. I hadn't replaced my mist yet, so I went ahead and picked this up :)
This Penguin Snow Globe Mirror was something I hadn't bought and just had to get! I believe it was 50% off but I don't remember the exact price. At Sally's I picked up 2 different items that caught my eye.
After much internal debate, I decided to get this glitter top coat from Seche. It has silver bar glitter, along with a few different sizes of silver hex glitter.
The last thing that I got was this extremely small China Glaze polish. It is smaller than the mini size. It is in the color Ruby Pumps and it is a gorgeous red. That is the damage beauty wise! I might get more things soon, we shall see! Christmas Haul coming soon!

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