Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Liebster Award!

So I was nominated by 3 different blogs for this, Janet Planet Nails, Polish Insomnia and Polish Gone Crazy. First, 33 facts that are all over the place:

1. I'm almost done with my first semester of my freshman year of college! 
2. That means my death is pending (finals)
3. I collect pins!
4. I love penguins with all my heart.
5. I've "petted" (they call it touching) a penguin.
6. I love peace signs and tie dye.
7. I like drinking beverages out of mugs. 
8. I love country music.
9. I own mostly white shirts, and don't usually wear any of them since they are practically see through.
10. Flannel PJ pants are my favorite thing about winter.
11. I record 3 shows every single weekday, Katie, Ellen and The People's Court.
12. I own over 100 pocketbacs. Seriously.
13. I hate this number, but am a Taylor Swift fan.
14. I'm NOT a germaphobe I promise.
15. I used to be obsessed  with Webkinz.
16. I'm really tired, have to wake up at 8 AM, and I'm not in my PJs yet.
17. I only wear skinny jeans and jeggings in the fall/winter months. 
18. Yoga pants are a backup plan.
19. I only wear Bermuda shorts. I hate my thighs that much.
20. I'm sighing with relief that I'm almost done with this list.
21. I have 2 cats. One is sitting here now :)
22. I love Rizzoli and Isles (books and TV show) and meet the author of the series. I have 2 signed books :D

Now, 33 Q and As

Polish Insomnia
1. What is your guilty pleasure? Certain TV shows like Rehab w/ Dr. Drew (VH1 and the Police Women of series on TLC
2. What is one thing you cannot live without? Uh... POLISH! :D
3. What is your favorite TV Show? Too many favorites! Top 3: Necessary Roughness, Smash and Rizzoli and Isles
4. If you could do anything, what would be your dream job? Why? I'd work for CMT as on air talent. I love country music that much.
5. What is your favorite beverage?  SPRITE!!!
6. What is one thing you want to do before you die?  Meet Martina McBride, my favorite country music singer of all time
7. What is the best concert you've been to? Martina McBride in 2008 because I saw a virtually unknown band called LADY ANTEBELLUM.
8. What are some goals you have for 2013? To be a happier, more positive person.
9. What’s your dream vacation? California and I better see Ellen :P
10. Are you cooking dinner at home or going out for dinner? (On a regular basis) Hmm... lately, we cook. 
11. Would you rather… have your personality change every day or have your looks change every day? I'm going with neither! LOL

Janet Planet Nails

  1. What is your favorite color polish? Red
  2. What is your favorite Holiday Polish Collection? Muppet OPI collection from last year
  3. What polish brand  do you own the most of ? Julep
  4. What was your first indie? Tie. Kelera Laquers in Seaside and Butterfly Dreams
  5. To glitter or not to glitter ?( Are you a glitter fan) GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6.  If you had to choose one polish as your most favorite, which one would it be ? Julep January
  7. If you could create your own polish what would you use in it colors, glitters ? It would be a ton of silver glitter in a light pink base.
  8. What is your least favorite/never use again brand? I have a polish I never use on my fingers. China Glaze, because it stained. I will never use Julep Blake again, since mine bubbled so badly
  9. Do match you mani to your pedi ? Nope.
  10. What are you currently wearing on your nails? I'm walking around with naked nails! 
  11. Did you make sure to come follow my blog? Sorry I had too lol  Of course! I followed by email to make sure I read it!!
Polish Gone Crazy

1.  How many siblings do you have? I have one younger sister, and 2 younger step sisters
 2.  Do you prefer mani or pedi, and do you do your own pedis or let someone else do it for you? I prefer pedis and I do my own pedis usually.
 3.  How many bottles of nail polish do you have? Countless
 4.  Do you prefer long or short nails, and what shape? I don't have a preference
 5.  What polish brand do you own the most of? Julep
 6.  Would you prefer a rack/shelf or drawers for polish storage? I want to make my own polish rack.
 7.  Do you use striping tape, and what do you think of it? I've never used it before.
 8.  Do you own dotting tools, or do you make your own? I own some, but I misplaced them.
 9.  Do you do manis for random world days that no one else knows about? No.
10. Do you have a significant other, and what do they think of your polish addiction? No.
11. What made you decide to start blogging? My polish BFFLs!
My nominations are coming later, since it's after midnight!!!

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