Monday, October 15, 2012


As I am on a nail polish no buy (I have stuff on the way!), I've spent a little too much time looking for awesome giveaways! I'm going to share some in this post.

 The first 2 are from The Rosy Snail. She is having a Zipz shoe giveaway and a Beauty Blockbuster Palette giveaway. The Zipz one ends on the 27th and the Palette ends on the 23rd. The Zipz are something I'm putting on my Christmas list if I don't win. I am literally the worst at finding shoes to go with my outfit and having interchangeable shoes might help. As for the Palette, a girl always needs makeup. The rafflecopter links are going to be below.

As for the 3rd giveaway, Love for Lacquer is giving away a 25 dollar ULTA gift card for her 1 year blogiversary. I don't need to explain how much crap I (or you!!) can buy at ULTA!!! Post linked below!



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