Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reviewing Some Samples and My Goals for the Blog :)

Hi everyone! I used 3 samples this week and I wanted to review them for you!

First is this Too Faced Glamour Gloss. I would have taken a picture of it on my lips, but it smelled AWFUL. It was Play Doh. The brush, color and consistency were all good, but I could NOT get over the smell. This sample will be going in the trash!

 Second was a product I have technically tried before, but got a sample of at Sephora. Philosophy Purity Made Simple. This product is very good for people like me. I'm lazy when it comes to washing my face. I don't want to have to use 3 different products in the morning (soap, liquid that makes my face warm, and lotion). It lathers well, and probably had 2-3 uses in the packet.

Lastly was a sample of Julep's Rock Star Hand Creme. I had heard about the floral scent before I tried it. It was not a totally intolerable, strong floral scent. It was subtle, and went away as it stayed on my skin longer. It did make my hands feel moisturized. It did take some time to soak in, but that is probably because I used too much.

So, those are my sample reviews! Now for the other part of this post! I am going to try my hardest to post every single week. The only way to become a better writer is to write. I will also try my hardest to post on the Facebook page at least once a day. Consistency is my first step on the path of becoming a better blogger :)

Until Next Time,


  1. Eek I hate when lip glosses smell gross! I would not be impressed if I bought a full size expensive lip gloss and it smelt bad!

    1. I even made my mom smell it, just to make sure it smelled like Play Doh. LOL