Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Get Too Much Nail Mail

Hi all!! I got more nail mail, OOPS! I got 1 that was totally unexpected though.

The first piece was exciting since it was Royal Mail and unexpected!

I won a no buy a few months back, and this was a prize that someone donated :) The color is Blue Moon Lagoon. It is sooooooooo pretty!

Next is one of my Julep Mystery Boxes!!

                                                    From left to right: Molly, Carrie, Lynn, Maria and Evangeline. Also          
                                                    has lip vernis in Camellia. (Molly and Lynn were dupes, given to family

                           I am excited to get my other box, which is being shipped Package Services instead
                          of first class!! I estimate that to be here on Saturday or Monday. And I ordered
                          my first Jindie : D

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