Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recent Nail Mail!

I have several pieces of recent nail mail to show! One is a giveaway prize that I won, which could be under freebies or nail mail. One indie mini can be quickly tossed into to either post, so where freebie nail mail goes will vary ;)

The first polish is one that I somehow misplaced, so I do not have a picture. That polish is Julep Wendy, which is the red Rock Candy Glaze.

The second polish was on sale already, then I ended up with 50% off due to never using my BeautyBio code from Julep, and my credit to get a free polish was actually a $14.00 gift card. Between the 50% off, the sale, and a small gift card balance, the polish was $1.19 out of pocket. That polish is Julep Billie Jean.

The third polish that I got in the mail was an EXTREME lemming for me. I mean, I paid $11 US dollars to get it from Canada. I thought I would NEVER see this polish. I thought Salma would be 15 billion times easier to get than... JULEP GWEN! The sparkles do not come out at this angle, but it is SPARKLY :D

The fourth polish that I got in the mail was the one thing I kept from my monthly box. The other two items went in my swap box, but hey, I had a free box and figured I would end up buying the red anyway. So, here is Julep Anisa!

The fifth polish I received was from an indie brand. I find pages of indie brands through groups or entering other giveaways. A lot of indie brands do giveaways A LOT. Sweet Tea Polish was having a simple one, so I thought that I would give it a shot. I never expected to win!! So here is Sweet Tea Polish Daisy Dukes! It also came with a bobby pin that had A ROSE ON IT!

So that is my nail mail for now! Expecting 2 more polishes for now.


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